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Thumbs up irpq11 has permagrin...updated with vids.....

Ok, Scott called me this morning and threatened me telling me to remove the #5 and #20 fuses to reset the computer. He claims I never take his advice so I decide to humor him and go through the motions in this meaningless and fruitless exercise that will be a waste of my time.

I did 5 quarter mile runs, the slowest being 13.86 and the fastest being 13.42

0-60 mph slowest was 5.66 and the fastest 5.19

Now I didn'te do the video but used my iPhone and at least one thing is accurate is that it has been consistant against it's self. Over the past 100+ runs I was getting a constant of between 6.1 and 6.2 in the 0-60 mph times and 14.5 and 14.8 in the quarter mile.

My tires were hard to keep from spinning and I have a new problem. That new problem is how to get a good launvh without spinning the tires.

The only oddity is that nothing seems to be reset on the instument panel. Oil life, windows, etc.

So, I want you 'slow' guys to remove the #5 and #20 fuses to reset whatever it is that it resets. I'm not telling you to do this but do it at your own risk. Not that it's dangerous as far as damage but because I don't know, I'm not an expert.

Soooooooo there you have it. I'm going back out later to do some more. I thought that maybe my phone was malfunctioning but the wheel spin was a dead giveaway.

I hope it stays this way. Let us know what you guys find if you do this.

The first one is one of the better ones I did a while back.
The second two were today.

iPhone showed 5.24 0-60 mph, and 13.37 quarter mile. (second vid cut for timing)
(movie maker has 5.31)

iPhone showed 5.41 0-60 mph and 13.56 quarter mile. (second vid cut for timing)
(movie maker has 5.34)

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