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Originally Posted by VASCAR2 View Post
I drove a 1999 Police B4C LS1 camaro for a year and put about 50,000 miles on it mostly at highway speeds. I test drove a 5th generation LT 1 RS with 19" wheels a couple of weeks ago. It seemed to me the 5th generation had a more refined ride and seemed wider. I drive a 1994 camaro 3.4 5 speed Manual and I found the 1LT/RS was easier to get into but I hit my leg on the steering wheel trying to get out. Overall I was very impressed with the 5th generation camaro and can't wait for the delivery of mine. The B4C I drove was a phenomenal car and was the best year of my police career. The B4C was the best pursuit police car ever produced up to that time. I actually got to use the B4C for what it was designed to do. I'd come out of retirement to drive a 5th generation SS because I think it will be that good of car. I think comparing the 4th generation to 5th generation is like comparing apples to oranges or revolvers to semi autos. I really liked the handling of the 5th generation but its a different car from the 4th generation with some of the same genes. I could tell its a chevy as soon as I sat in one. After hearing the salesman start the V6 I knew I was hooked. I'm buying the 5th generation to replace my daily driver my 94 camaro. I'm getting the auto V-6 because I had 33 plus years of pursuit driving and I need to slow down. Besides on a retirement income the V-6 suits my needs more. After driving a camaro like I was able to at work was like being a fighter pilot flying an F-16 to me. The 5th generation is just a newer more refined car and by this web site appeal is getting a huge loyal fan club. Thanks a lot Camaro 5 forums, your a wealth of knowledge, keep up the good work.

You might be interested in knowing this but until they release a new B4C or maybe an SRT8 varient for police use the LS1 B4C of old still holds the record for fastest pursuit vehicle. That's with the 160mph speed limiter still intact!
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