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So are you saying that is a correct and fair price?

Please don't be mad that I won this beautiful car and need to sell it. We do not get it for free. We have to pay taxes on it which will probably be around $8000 that we have to make a quarterly payment on (meeting with tax preparer on Wed.) We can't afford that. My son needs a car to drive of his own. We would love to keep this Camaro but we would have to get a loan to pay the taxes and the insurance rates for a 17 year old boy to have access to a Camaro (his car would be our USED 06 Hyundai) will also raise our insurance. It is just not practical as much as we would all LOVE to keep it. Believe me, it is breaking our heart! We want to drive it but the Bob Moore salesman wanted the mileage less than 250. That's another thing that I'm asking those of you that know about these things, if it would bring down the value of the car THAT much it if we put many more miles on it?
PLEASE, I'm sincerely asking for some realistic numbers here, because we are not sure what to do. If we sell the Camaro and pay the taxes with that money, we will still have enough to buy a new car (which we have never had) and not pay as much to insure. We might also even have enough to pay off some debt so the more that we are able to get for the car, the more it will help us.

There have been already been several people that have asked us about buying it and want to know what we would sell it for. Please, I am just trying to do what's best for my family here. We have survived cancer and several other extreme hardships. If you think that what the dealer is offering is the best we can do and the right thing to do, then that's one thing. But please try and understand the situation instead of feeling annoyed that we got a Camaro for "free".
I DO appreciate anybody reading this and even trying to understand. I'm going to call other dealers tomorrow (after Cash for Clunkers is done) but I imagine they will want to see the car themselves and that's more miles and once again, I have an inherent mistrust of car salesmen.
Thanks again and please don't hate me.

OK, while writing that, I see more people answered. Thank you. It's like the conversation going in my head AND between me and my husband. "Let's just drive it and enjoy it, then see" and the other "You need to sell it NOW and get as much as you can to get another car and pay taxes ."

I hope I'm making sense. I'm STILL in shock about the whole thing. I guess the main thing I need to know from you wonderful people is what should we ask for an individual to buy it? The sticker, less, more??
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