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Originally Posted by kjnylin View Post
I picked my Camaro up at Dave Smith Motors in Kellogg Idaho yesterday. Drove home to Puyallup. I saw two Yellow ones on the way to DS Motors. One was owned by the manager of the dealership.

As I drove down S. Meridian on South Hill Puyallup an Orange SS pulled up along side me! That was pretty cool. She rolled down her window and said, You are going to get alot of attention in that car!" It's the same orange SS that I see parked in front of the Firestone tire shop on South Hill.

There were many thumbs up and rubber necking as I drove home. It is a real attention getter. Getting thumbs up from a new Corvette guys was pretty cool too.

Today I wash all the bugs off of the front!.
DUDE I got mine from Dave Smith too...I got mine in May of 2009. I was their first real customer after the Dave Smith son and the General Managers. My sales guy was Sam Carlino. Small family in the NW we got
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