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Originally Posted by DDustiNN View Post
By the way... the OP lists irpq11's thread twice. In addition, the following threads are related:

Just in case you want to add them to the list
Edited - thanks for pointing that out. I missed that, lol

Originally Posted by tribone View Post
Here's a pic guys.

Attachment 48807
Great pic', and thanks.

Originally Posted by irpq11 View Post
I'll certainly report it right away if my car blows up.

Probably not for hours. I just wanted to make damn sure it was long enough.

There haven't really been any LS3s reported as being really slow.

However, if you check the boards there is one claim that he benefited real good from this.
I'm interested in seeing if this affects the LS3 cars as much as it seems it does the L99s. I think the L99 is more dogged-down with nanny controls because of the tranny (self-preservation...) but that'd be something I'd try just in case.
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