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Originally Posted by fRenzy View Post
Well its a good thing if updates are available, hopefully the slow L99 issue will be resolved with them. I just don't understand why you (and all the other Camaro customers) were not informed? If they have them (updates) released to the dealers, obviously they are safe to use.
They are safe to use, but I am betting they affect fuel economy too. When I was a tech at a GMC/Buick/Pontiac dealer we would run into updates for certain performance concerns that would state that fuel economy might suffer. We typically didn't do these updates without talking to the owner first. I saw some 2-3 mpg decreases after the you made sure the customer knew what they were getting.

If they start advertising that they are reprogramming in such a way that fuel economy suffers, it might result in the cars being reclassed (just a guess, as I have no idea how the government treats things like this).

I know most of us didn't buy these cars for fuel economy, but some people will pitch a fit if their car doesn't get what is posted on the window...just like the comments about cars not achieving a certain 0-60 time. Heck, I would have been elated if my Trailblazer SS got anywhere near what was on the window!
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