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Thanks everyone! The song, indeed, is "Praise" by Sevendust.

This package runs as little as $6999.99 and as much as $8999.99 depending on your choice of exhaust system, diameter of headers, choice of valves/cam/springs, size of valves (stock sized, or 1mm oversized stainless), head gaskets (oem or aftermarket), choice of cold air intake (Roto-fab, ADM), etc.

This usually runs about 8k all together though. Because the factory valves are actually lighter than aftermarket, we most of the time end up using a factory valve.

We go 11.5:1 compression, so good 93 octane is definitely needed.

This package will put out approximately between 525-575 horsepower SAE corrected at the tire depending on these choices. I didn't dyno this car to full potential. We left the timing at 21 degrees and air fuels at 12.2, just because the car simply didn't have enough miles to go all out with it. He made over 475 SAE on a 92 degree day with over 50% humidity and 19 degrees of timing at 6500. I wanted so bad to see what 25-26 degrees of timing would do, but we'll play it safe and wait until he gets some mileage on the car...

This car will be back for a B&M short shifter we're going to provide the official dyno results then. He should have a good 2000 miles on the car by then. Maybe more, we'll see... should be within the next week or two.

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