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Originally Posted by KoTToN View Post
Something just tickles me when these tuners are getting almost the same power N/A out of these cars as the other top ponies cars get using power adders.
It's amazing. That's the main limitation of the 3-Valve Ford bottom end. If this Coyote motor shows up with 5.0L displacement, and forged internals, you may see a little competition. Otherwise, it will just be a "closer" competitor. The Gen IV GM series LS2, LS7 and now with the L99 and LS3... we have some SERIOUS potential for reliable and everyday horsepower/torque with less money invested in the aftermarket. This can be bad and good from a aftermarket performance business standpoint. Luckily there's always those out there who will want to push things farther. CALL ME UP IF YOU DO!

Originally Posted by Gotthat02fire View Post
At 11.5:1 Compression, it's tough. I'm just waiting for the right person to come through the door to make our Stage 4 Package which is completely forced induction, low compression (9.1:1), and HUGE boost through a Magnacharger. I'm hoping for 650RWHP... we'll see shortly!

Originally Posted by rcphotography View Post
How much is this package??
Give me a shout and I can quote you out a few different combinations. I posted rough shipping above. BTW, your photography is amazing. I drooled at the bottom Camaro shots under vehicles. Awesome lighting.
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