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You really need to be careful in anything on the road...but especially in bikes. I like a good motorcycle, don't get me wrong, they're as fun as hell but I would never buy one. They are just too dangerous for me.

I saw a crazy accident right in front of my house once. The nieghbor across the street has at least foot-diameter stones on the street-edge of his property. Two lane 55mph road mind you, and the dip$hit on the bike must have been trying to pass on the right, when he caught the grass and it pulled him right into the stones, he made one nasty flip and skidded 10-15 feet. He made it though, lucky bas---d.

One of my teachers, way back when, (he was a biker) told me of this 100mph club. Where they set up check-points at bars so that to make it to the end, you must break 100 on your bike. Get a patch or something if you make it. Crazy.........
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