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i got home from work and my girlfriend tells me about the giveaway, so i checked it out online and sure enough she wasnt lying. so i uncovered my 2ss/rs and the kids wanted to go since they had yet to ride in the new camaro, we get there and they told me, " we gave to many away so we're not giving anymore away, call corporate and they will send you a gift certificate", what a load of crap. i wont ever buy anything from papa john's, the guy wasnt even nice about it, he was rude. he asked if i wanted to buy a pizza and i said sure but not from papa john's, i took the kids to porky's pizza and got one there.
for those interested it was the papa johns in yorba linda on yorba linda blvd.
it's nice to see someone who really wants there car back but with business practices like this are just b.s.
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