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Originally Posted by 04ssSilverado View Post
i don't usually post negative s$%#^;but; i'm the owner of a small construction business;that has struggled for about 2 yrs......i have noticed a few posts,bragging about "getting 2 or more from this promotion.i really hate to say this;but i hope you choke to the point of realiazation (sic).the most enjoyment i get from this car, is knowing that most rich people would not "lower" themselves to get this car,but are pissed that their "super-cars" are ignored because of a "lesser car".
Dude, if you read the fine print, you can go to as many Papa John's restaurants as you like, as long as they were offering. I went to three pizzarias and they all gave me no trouble at all. I really don't understand your point. I think we all love our Camaros and they aren't "super cars." We get it, but what does getting 2 or more pizzas from this promotion have to do with the rich not wanting Camaros but are upset by the lack of attention their cars receive? Sounds like you need a hug more than a slice of pizza...and maybe a few grammar lessons as well. I have a B.A. in English and am certified to teach high school English? Could I offer you a free lesson my friend?
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