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Originally Posted by stovt001 View Post
Despite my being still Camaro-less, we were in the mood for pizza tonight and had a coupon, so we picked up some pizzas at Papa John's. The parking lot was filled with Camaros from nearly all generations (sadly no 5th gens). Its times like that that remind me how the Camaro's greatness goes beyond the car itself to the heritage, tradition, and community that goes with it. I was so upset I didn't have a Camaro myself yet, and it had nothing to do with the pizza. I just wanted to be a part of that Camaro world. Good times.
Also the sentimental value, as how John Schnatter saw his 1971 1/2 car. He in turn allowed the nation to experience all of the heritage, tradition, and community as a by product of what his Camaro meant to him, which worked out for everybody all over the country. Truly a wonderful, outstanding act of generosity by "Papa" John Schnatter. Thank you kindly, and sincerely from all of us at!
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