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Originally Posted by Jody89c View Post
Can anyone offer some help to a rookie? I paired my Iphone 3Gs with my 2010 Camaro (I love this car), but I can't get it to play my music over the Bluetooth connection...Do I need to enable this feature somehow? The phone works great, but in order to play music - it needs to be plugged into the USB. I called the GM support line and they said that it is not possible, but it looks like some people on here were able to do it.......

Yeah it's def. possible. I don't know why our support line would tell you otherwise. This is our first car that does support this, so they're probably just very used to telling people it's not possible and moving on to the next caller. Hopefully we'll get that fixed soon.

So, to set it up, you get to the Aux input (it'll probably say Aux Jack Out) and then press the menu button. The Bluetooth menu will come up and then go to add device and follow the screens to get it set up. The BT interface isn't quite as nice as the USB one, but you don't have to plug in anything, which is nice. Over BT, you don't get to see any metadata or get to choose your songs. With other devices you can skip forward and backward tracks, but Apple hasn't supported that feature just yet over BT. I would imagine that in a future software version they would add this in.

I'd love to hear your feedback on this once you get it set up.
I work for GM and I designed the interface for the Camaro USB and Bluetooth audio streaming interface. Feel free to ask me any questions you have about how the USB or Bluetooth works!

Check out my videos on YouTube here. Let me know if you'd like to see any other type of video.
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