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Originally Posted by Grape Ape View Post
Are you talking about a small 4 (the new 1.6?) plus a V6 or the LNF instead of a V6? It can't see GM offering the LNF & LTT in the same car since the performance would be so similar.
derrr...I can't believe I had to look up those engine codes, I'm usually on the ball with those.

Anyways, here's a brain teaser for you. There's no doubt that the Camaro will get a V6 -- and many reliable people are telling us, whether directly or not, that it will be 300hp. But if they put the Turbo 4 in the car, who's to say that it doesn't drop in power to maybe 220hp or something like that? They could do that and then by utilizing the turbo/direct injection combo, the powertrain guys could probably whip out a 30mpg Camaro. Besides, there's no real reason to have 260hp in the bottom-line car, not - like you said - when the V6 is so close to it in power.
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