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Originally Posted by Ject View Post
How Easy / Difficult was it to tilt the radiator ?
And were all parts needed with it to do so?
How easy/Difficult to tilt the radiator? 2 -10 mm screws to remove and the radiator moves for you not hard at all this install was lees than 15 min in all.

Yes all was in the box and some extra small screws for the MAP senser and 2 hose clamps and all hoses for the unit.

Originally Posted by Croathlete View Post
I can't really tell from the pictures, but does the intake mount to the radiator at all? I'm assuming something is holding the radiator in place...
Yes the intake is holding the radiator in place.

Now after the first start up and drive this thing comes on like a Freight Train from 3500 to max RPM and dos not want to stop, You can fell the deference in power on my LS3, More Pics Out side for you guys.

One more thing it is louder some what.
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