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After driving full size police cars and camaros I can tell you technique can make all the difference in the world when it comes to feel and safe handling. It makes a huge difference if you know how to set the car prior to entering a corner and letting the weight shift prior to getting back on the gas. You can make any vehicle feel unstable if you throw off the cars attitude/balance or try to apply the brakes while in a curve. I thought I was a pretty good driver before I went to driving school. Once you get on the track and have a chance to practice the techniques you can really feel it in the seat of your pants and see it on the stop watch. Before the driving school I had not experimented with taking the different lines through the same curve. If you know the road it can have an effect on which line is actually the best to set you up for the next short straight, curve or what ever. You listen to the professional drivers and how they talk about backing up the corner, push and loose. You can put an inexperienced driver in a 5th generation SS auto and put an experienced driver in a 3.8 98 4th generation with 5 speed manual and the experienced driver can beat the inexperienced driver on a road course. The best compliment I've gotten was responding to a call and a have a non police passenger comment on how smooth the car was for the speed we were going. All the 5th generation cars can be dangerous if not treated with respect. Stability control is no substitute for what God put between yours ears. Don't ever drive past 70 to 80% of your ability and for goodness sake don't drink and drive. Use common sense and you can get a great deal of enjoyment and pride out of owning any Camaro especially a new 5th generation!

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