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the original reason that the Z28 is higher ranking is because of the RPO codes. (i think theres an echo in here)

Z26 = RS
Z27 = SS
Z28 = Z28

but to some people SS (or Super Sport for that matter) sound a hell of a lot cooler than "Zee twenty-eight" (or Zed twenty-eight if you want to be really on the money).

however GM got to messing with that lineup by badging cars as SS's with a more powerful engine and other goodies back in the 60's (think 396 SS) but there's also the 350 SS so the motor size/power isnt the only factor for basing that off of.

as for the fourth gens, GM only planned on making two models, the v-6 and the v-8, basically the RS (bottom rung) and the Z28 (top dawg). then after they started selling like hot cakes, they decided to start throwing out a souped up version of the car from the dealerships that was modified by SLP and GMMG and still under factory warranty. but what to name this modified Z28? we dont want to just call it a Z28... hmmm what name hasnt been used.......????? oh, SS! and from there, the mindset was locked in that the SS was the top dawg over the Z28.

as for why there is the thought of a possible Z28 supercharged top dawg? cus the car isnt out yet, there has been no one from GM saying "no, there will not be a Z28", which leaves it open to our imaginations. add into that, the fact that we know GM likes to hand down motors from the vette to the camaro, so we'll just have to see.
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