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also i am right on the edge of ordering an STS kit for my V6. i have already talked to a few representatives about it, and they are very excited about doing my car. But i have a very well known and reliable company that said they are taking my car the very day of the Talledega Funfest as soon as im done at the event they are taking my car and beginning the turbo modding. i wish i would have contacted these guys a long time ago..i just didnt think i had a chance in hell of even getting a reply back from them let alone a yes. but if these guys back out too for some reason, im hammering down and getting the STS kit, that way we can lay some myths and lies to rest. and see just how good or bad that kit is..but if i go with the other company i wont be able to do it..i have a buddy i met on this site that will though if i dont..hes dying to get a turbo or supercharger too so whatever i get if he can get the other then hes going if i get a turbo hes getting a supercharger if ones available.if not hes getting the STS. so we will find out one way or another. but after Oct. 4th hopefully we all will be seeing great results from the guys doing my turbo. and hopefully withing a month after that or earlier well see a V6 with a turbo or supercharger kit on the road, and more exciting in my driveway, well in my garage cause it will be winter by then. and me + induction kit+ winter+West Virginia mountains+ice+a lead foot=another broken back for Mohrg Beast. a straight 6 71 nova helped with the first broke back..not trying for 0 for 2. will keep you guys posted.
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