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Originally Posted by Mohrg Beast View Post
hey man ill just tell you now.when you talk about turbos, superchargers,etc on this forum people get incredibly too excited and angry for some reason..i was just letting people know that i was in the talks about gettin a turbo for my V6 and everyone started going nuts..its got soo bad that i ended up not getting a turbo cause of it..theyll say it had nothing to do with it, but one day i had a turbo being put in couple days later after all the post i didnt..LOL. so theyll talk trash and say its truth till the cows come home even though its probably the biggest bunch of garbage on earth, but its internet talk and you cant disprove as much as the can prove their just ignore the trash talk or just set the trash talk straight with facts.the more you get mad the worse it looks for you and your company..i know cause i retaliated too and i shouldnt have, i just makes things worse cause it fuels them. dont fuel them just be a computer and state facts after every B.S. quote putting you down..that gets them the best cause they cant tell if their getting under your skin..
I thought you were going away until you could come back with an actual turbo installed? LOL!

I don't know if you have EVER stated an actual fact...

The reason you can't get anyone to put a turbo on your car is because once they stop promising you that they are going to build you a turbo, they start digging into things and find that they have no way of tuning the car! PERIOD! It has nothing to do with people on the Internet! LOL!

Perhaps, STS Guy could take a moment and explain to you that until some one figures out the Bosch E69 that's in our V6 (and also in the 08+ CTS) that NO ONE is going to be able to put a turbo on these cars!
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