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Originally Posted by Mindz View Post
When I hear Z28 I think of the "not quite as cool looking as the SS and certainly not as powerful." The fourth gens are the only camaros I see around here anymore, unless the first gens come out, but those only have the v6's or RS badging. =/

There's a difference between SS and Camaro SS.
I totally understand that, but it's still "SS"; majority of what I see is the 4th gen, but I familiarize more with the 3rd. I like its style a lot better then the 4th.
I personally didn't much care for the exterior upgrades on the 4th gen SS, I liked the sleek/classy look of the smooth hood, and the regular spoiler, the SS spoiler looked like a lifted up top lip, lol.
I like the Idea of mixing "RS" with Z28 & SS tho...(though I guess SS is just the combo of the 2?, in reference to the 4th gen anyway) I thought I recalled seeing "SS" and "Rally Sport" on a '69 picture I've seen tho..maybe i'm mistaken.
However if I were to buy an older camaro, I'd go for the late 4th, (y2k+), but not ss, seeing as how I don't have the kinda money to keep up a 3rd gen (maintenance/deterioration wise) otherwise I'd probably get an old 3rd gen "Z/28". '91 or '92, I kinda like the spoiler better.

"Camaro Z/28 is back. Gentlemen, Don't even bother to start your engines."

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