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Originally Posted by MAC View Post
I totally understand that, but it's still "SS"; majority of what I see is the 4th gen, but I familiarize more with the 3rd. I like its style a lot better then the 4th.
I personally didn't much care for the exterior upgrades on the 4th gen SS, I liked the sleek/classy look of the smooth hood, and the regular spoiler, the SS spoiler looked like a lifted up top lip, lol.
I like the Idea of mixing "RS" with Z28 & SS tho...(though I guess SS is just the combo of the 2?, in reference to the 4th gen anyway) I thought I recalled seeing "SS" and "Rally Sport" on a '69 picture I've seen tho..maybe i'm mistaken.
However if I were to buy an older camaro, I'd go for the late 4th, (y2k+), but not ss, seeing as how I don't have the kinda money to keep up a 3rd gen (maintenance/deterioration wise) otherwise I'd probably get an old 3rd gen "Z/28". '91 or '92, I kinda like the spoiler better.
you could get a decent 3rd gen for a good price, give it a tune up and call it a day till you save some moolah to mod with.

as for the part highlighted is not how it works. the three are RPO packages. there wasnt an RS for every year of the 4th gen just as there wasnt an SS for every year. but there was a Z28. as ive stated before about the 4th gens, when GM first set out to make them, they only planned for 2 models, the base and the Z28. bottom rung and top dog. then SLP and GMMG stepped in and started modding Z28's straight from the factory and turned them into SS's.
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