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Originally Posted by STS Guy View Post
BINGO, It is not the piping, intercooler, BOV, wastegate...or any other buzzword you can think of. It is the tuning. We work very close to a few tuning companies:
(HP Tuner, Diablo, Predator are probably names you recognize)
They have got to get the tuning baselines so we can get the car running right.

The hangup has been they just can't get it to teh standars they see fit. But it will happen. The car is just very, very new.
and STS before you start agreeing that the turbo cant be done maybe you should talk to the people that makes the phone calls for STS themselves.cause not even a week ago i was contacted by phone out of nowhere while i was camping and was told that i will be contacted again about STS using my car as a mock up vehicle for an STS V6 turbo kit. Also Procharger has contacted me about doing a Supercharger kit..hmm??? why would you guys even waste your time calling me if you have no idea of when the tuning is going to be release???maybe its because you would like to have everything ready for when it does. or if you let scrming talk about it, youre just pulling me around hoping that i would post the info so you can get some publicity. but who knows. for some reason i keep writing misinformation and lies..LOL.. hey but at least im being constructive and not downing every single piece of information that someone has to offer by saying its a lie. ohh well.
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