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I was in Gainesville one night and we hear this crazy loud sound. I knew it had to be a bike. We were at a redlight and sure enough this bike pulls up next to us. I couldnt tell what kind it was, had custom body, all kinds of LED's on it, it was crazy lookin and soundin. It was a long light so we started talkin to him and he shut his bike off. We asked him how fast he has gotten it and he says "Ahh about 220". We ask him if he will get on it when the light turns green he says sure. Light turns green, he is leaned all the way forward on his bike, he takes off only his rear tire is touchin the pavement and it is smokin like crazy. He shifts gears, front tire hits the ground then pops right back up, shifts into third, tire pops again. He mustve hit 80 in about 4 seconds. I wanted a bike for a while til I saw that, then I realized that I dont want to kill myself lol.
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