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Originally Posted by KarlChev View Post
Why wouldn't you want a list of customers with a deposit? If we waited until the truck shows up, it would be a madhouse. I would imagine for the 1st few months that we will not have any Camaro on our lot that are not sold.

I sold 7 Malibu's last month before they ever reached our dealership. I took deposits on all of them and the customer was guaranteed the right to purchase the vehicle after driving it.

All deposits are refundable. We have never taken money from a customer who didn't purchase a vehicle.
Its not that you took a deposit on a car not on your lot. Its that you took a deposit on a car that isnt even released yet. You could possibly run into customer service issues (Like many dodge dealerships did with the chally) where the final product did not meet the customers expectations/tastes and therefore they where out the interest etc on that deposit.

Its just a customer service type thing.

That said good luck with your sales.
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