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Just curious...since we are talking stats here what accounts for the 2002 Camaros that were produced in August and not delivered?

Originally Posted by Tran View Post
As reported on homepage.

The latest camaro production and delivery (sales) #'s were released today.
Here are the stats:

Production Stats:
Camaros produced in August 09: 10,682
Total Camaros produced to date (since March 16, 2009): 43,373

Delivery (sales) Stats:
Camaro August Deliveries (sales): 8,680
Total April - August Deliveries: 31,190

> July 2009 Stats:
> June 2009 Stats:
> May 2009 Stats:
> April 2009 Stats:

Compared to Competition:
Mustang sold 6,289 units in August 09.
Challenger sold 1,132 units in August 09.
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