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Why I went with Jewel Red 2SS 6-Speed.

Well My Dad was a Muscle Car guy and when I was born he brought me home form the hospital in a Dark Red 1969 SS Camaro with Black Racing Stripes!

It was an awesome car! 350 4-Speed... He had it until I was 8yrs old. My first memories of it was..He would take me out and jump on it and tell me not to tell my MOM...

Well when I turned 15 my dad and I bought a 1979 Z28 Pile O junk... And spent a whole year restoring it together... We put a corvette engine in it and a TCI manual valve body Transmission and a 4.56 Rear end in it! FUN... And it was a looker.... It ran a 12.83 inthe 1/4 mile and was my car all through Highshool... Some of my most memerable highschool moments was in the garage working on the Camaro with my old man! Maybe he planned it that way? Either way it was a great experience wrenching on cars with my Dad!

Here is a picture taken for my senior pictures: As you can see its very close to Jewl Red... And very Close to my Dads 69 SS

I'm so Glad GM revisted the the 69 in the new design! I could only think of one color when I saw it!...Dark Red... Thanks GM for making Jewel Red!

Here is the coutdown for my new camaro with the colors I choose:

It's very haunting. I get feelings like i'm looking at my Dads 69

Starting a new chaper of my muscle car book...
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