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Originally Posted by joelster View Post
I like your post but the part I highlighted I sort-of disagree with. As long as the Camaro is winning the shootouts with the journalists, and getting rave reviews about the power in relation to the competition, they (GM) won't change a thing. As soon as a $30,000 'Stang steps up to the plate with 375hp, and the Challenger gets some more power, you can bet your ass GM will tweak and tune the car for some more power, and/or less torque management. I am sure they err on the safe side with their tunes and their calibrations. Every stock GM car I have ever seen being tuned doesn't even hit 12.0-1 AFR. They are all between 11.5-11.8/1, which is a damn joke. I can only imagine how lame the tranny tune is and how much more capable it could be and also safe and not cause a warranty claim.
You hit the nail right on the head. I have been in the throttle for about three weeks now with a new tune performed by Matt @ Tune Time Performance in Toms River - NJ. He took my stock L99 which made 315 RWHP and 309 RWTQ and pumped it up to a Peak of 331 RWHP and 336 RWTQ on a Mustang DYNO.

Its amazing how much of a beast and much more fun this thing is to drive. The magic is all in the AF Ratios (with averages over 13.3-1) and with balancing TQ Management with line pressure and shift points in the A6. Most of the changes are true of what was posted earlier - its the gains over the base along the band, in my case some times 90 HP between 3150 and 3850 RPM. The magic in the tune is not quite so mysterious but in reality its Matt's experience in tuning the G8.

For the lay person - its punching it and banging 2nd and 3rd on the way out to ??.??sec - stay tuned...
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