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Originally Posted by The_Blur View Post

I like the yellow breaks, but they don't appear to say Brembo like they did at the track.

The rims look like 20s. They look far better than the previous wheels in my opinion. That gunmetal color is beautiful.

The headlights are gorgeous. GM did an exemplary job.

Apparently, removing the front badge will not take the bowtie off of the car. This is disappointing for people who want to replace it with the letters RS or SS.
perhaps the difference in brakes is Z28 vs. SS?

those are 20s

I, too, love those headlights... and the turn signals beside them

not too sure about that bowtie removal thing... think that removing it might leave a large gap (remember, we've seen this grill with and without the bowtie, so it might still be removable) but the shape of the bowtie is going to still be there... I'd go aftermarket with a billet or matte grill and put the SS or RS letters on there in either white or silver
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