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Originally Posted by Jordan View Post
Pfadt Camaro Coil Overs with Drag front springs will keep the back end tight not allowing it to squat thus keeping your alignment where it needs to be and the tire contact patch as large as possible; I'd recommend a setting of 10 for the rear damping to start. The Drag front springs will allow the front end to lift and transfer the weight to the rear and control the car coming back down; I would set the front at 1-2 on the damping.

Pfadt Camaro Balance Rear Sway Bar will make the IRS behave more like a solid axle by keeping the rear control arms in line. What happens on launch is the right rear compresses and the left rear lifts; the bar will help minimize this greatly.
Jordan -

Per the needs of the SST Camaro, how much of a detriment would it be to run Drag front springs if the car is also used on open highway runs or road course?

Thanks in Advance.
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