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Bumper Removal and Oracle LED Headlight and Foglight install

I think i will copy this or make a separate thread in DIY for the bumper removal. So the instructions for the LED halos from Oracle have as step 1 remove bumper, well here is how you remove the bumper and the headlight assemblies so that you can work on them.

Step 1
remove the clips that are on the top of the front fascia like in pic 1.

Step 2
remove the bolts and star bolts that hold the bumper on top(where the GM performance tab is).

Step 3
remove the two bolts under the bumper

Step 4
remove the star bolts and clips in the wheel wells so that you can peel them out of place enough to get your arm in there.

Step 5
remove one star bolt and three regular bolts on each side of the bumper in the wheel well area around the signal markers that connect the front quarter panels to the bumper.

Sounds simple enough but i gotta say i sat there a while finding all these bolts and star bolts so it took me a while. The highest bolts on the sides that connect the bumper to the front quarter panels were a real pain because they are hard to get to. If anyone has any suggestions for those out there removing their bumpers to get to the headlights or for any reason please speak up. Will post more when i get the headlight assemblies apart.
Pic 1 and 2 are of the clips that are both on top of the bumper and in the wheel wells. Pic 3 is of one of the 2 bolts on the bottom of the bumper. Pic 4 is of one of the holes that attaches the wheel well to the bumper. 5 is the car with the bumper off.
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