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SLP to show new products at 16th Annual Camaro Fall Classic & F-Body Summit '09


Info on the show can be found here...
The Camaro5 reminder and event sign up (not official site registration) can be found here...

Hey guys and gals...

I was talking with our friend Dave Hamburger from SLP earlier and was informed that they will be attending the Ohio enthusiast event. I was told I might want to be there.....(since they are going to be showing something I just might want to pick up...)

For those going, PLEASE take some pictures for me of the SLP car. Apparently, there is going to be an SLP Camaro out there with an aftermarket hood which we have not seen yet, a spoiler which we have not seen yet (this one sounds REALLY good), a VERY nice set of wheels (which I have been hoping to see for QUITE some time!)....and there should be an image displayed on a poster of a second type of hood that SLP should be making.

Anyhow, I just wanted to pass this info along.

There is NO pricing info or pictures at this time of the parts they will be showing. Everything will be released at the show.

So, for all of you attending, run by, snap a shot or two for me (PLEASE) and shoot them my way.

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