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This is It

Ok "Tag", You know i need sleep at 12:14 PM i was dreaming of LSX 454 and a cam making 650 RWHP in my Camaro. LOL

So This is the hard part The work Go to your car and pull the side cover over on the drivers side see pics

And pull it out gently you will fell it pop out it is held in by some snap clips (all the parts are held in that way ) More pics

Next you will see the connector on the drivers side, In this pic i have the connector in red and the outer end on, See pic.

Next you remove the speedometer off so lats do that, More snap clips to remove from the top pop off Gently and first move the wheel out and down Pics.

And more

And now pull up on the trim, If i can do it with my fat hands you can do it.

This is the back side for you to see.

Now there is 4 screws that you will remove to get the speedometer out the way, And as you can see there is 2 alignment pins over the 2 bottom screws so you can not do it wrong.

And this side.

Now to remove the speedometer, First you do NOT need to remove the wires on the speedometer, In this pic you will see that i put a red line on the pic that is where you need to pull up on the dash so you can tilt the speedometer forwarder to get it out see pics.

And this pic.

And this so you can see i did not remove the wires on the Speedometer.

<img src=images/smilies/thumbdown.gif border=0 alt= title=Thumbdown class=inlineimg />

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