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Originally Posted by dms View Post
There is a serious relationship between the G8 and the Camaro since both are Zeta platforms. The design is identical, but the Camaro a larger front radius rod bushing, but eliminated adjustability, which we have fixed, a larger rear cradle bushing assembly, changed some of the link bolts from a 12 to a 14mm mounting bolt, eliminated the lower control arm outer bushing, and changed the strut heights and coils to accomodate body shape, and different bends on the sway bars to again acommodate again body shape and sizes.

We have tons of time invested in the G8 and had no issues in making one that would out perform a Z06 on an open track with only 275 tires.. This gave us a lot of insight on the Camaro with the shorter wheel base, massive body role and understeer. So of all the vehicle combos, the G8 is the most appropriate vehicle to compare.

Have a great weekend!

I agree they both use a ZETA platform but they are totally different cars. The weight/COG is different and that means the balance is different. As you mentioned the Camaro is shorter; again this changes the dynamics. This means the sway rates will be different along with the damping and spring rate of the coil overs. We design parts for each specific chassis and application.

You keep saying you'll beat a Z06. What was done to the Z06 and what was done to the G8? Was the same driver driving each car? I could beat a lot of Z06's in a Miata if the Z06 driver was a beginner. We've got a Z06 and I'll bring it out if you want to run it against your G8. We'll even run on the Run flats. Just name the place.

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