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[COTW 4/11/10]: ITMERC's Hennessy HPE800 Project

Featured COTW on Homepage.

Hi Folks,
I've been holding off on starting this till we got close to finishing the main part of the build and now seems like the right time to kick off the thread!

I've been working with Hennessy to build a special 'built' block HPE650 with my Cyber Grey 2010 SS with all the normal stuff they put on their HPE650 PLUS: a forged/balanced/lowered compression/coated internals stroked 415 CID block, twin disk clutch, full Pedders Track Extreme suspension kit, Baer Extreme Plus 6 piston brake kit, 20" HRE P43 Monobloks... and too many tech details to go into. Its being badged a 650 primarily because their 700 is an LS9 and the 800 is a twin turbo! Heh!

They got 592wheel hp on 91 octane out of a 'normal' HPE650 they did for a guy in Cali so I'm REEEEEEALY looking forward to seeing and reporting to you all what they get out out my 'built' forged motor next week on the 93 Octane we have here in TX. The motor is done and everything is installed but they need to work out an issue with the clutch and settle on how much boost they will be running before I get final numbers but its reasonable to assume it'll be significantly more then a 'normal' HPE650 since I went with a seriously 'built' motor specifically designed to safely run more boost and handle more power.

I did my homework before choosing Hennessy so hold the bashing... They're 100% clean with the BBB for the previous 3 years which is as far back as they keep records for, they're local to me, their shop is big/well set up and BUSY, and to date they've been very professional so I look forward to reporting all the details as this part of the build nears completion.

Pics, dyno graphs and details to follow!

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For anyone who's interested I also have a Porsche Project I've been working on and the thread to that ongoing though basically finished bit of fun is posted at the link below:
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