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Camaro SS\RS vs C63 AMG

I've been on the fence this entire year, I wont be in the market until late 2010 for a car, but I love both cars, lately I have been leaning toward the C63 because of the body gaps I see in the camaro :( Mainly the doors.

A lot can change in the styling from now until I'm actually in the market for a car, but what do you all think?

I have driven and been in a C63, love the car, I have yet to drive a the Camaro though. The C63 is a beast!

I'm aware of the price gap between the two cars, but it's only a minor issue IMO. Since it's going to be the first car I actually buy for myself, I want to be truely happy with the choice... even if it means an extra 10k or so.

To me, the Camaro has a lot of points because it has a soul, I had a 67 as my first car, miss it :( and the C63, well I just love it, and I think it's f*cking sexy but it doesn't hold special place in my hear the way the Camaro does.
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