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Originally Posted by ssump29 View Post
No it was an AMG I know cars, so theres no need to act like you guys know everything and everyone else is wrong. Sorry I looked at total weight, an honest mistake. The fact is the car still wasn't moving that great and wasn't as nimble. So having 25 more hp and weighing 100 lbs more isn't quite the advantage when moving like we were. If the guy couldn't drive sorry for him but he was hitting all the ins and outs just the same.

My point is, its a nice sedan but I don't think it runs as nice as a nice coupe which is what the Camaro is. Given they are about the same in performance. having 23 more TQ and 25 more hp and weighing 65 lbs more doesn't mean its just flat out a better performer and can't be beat by a stock Camaro, when more then likely it was a stock AMG also.

It runs much better than the Camaro even in ''coupe'' form. Its faster in a straight line, and even though its only about +30hp +25lbft the car runs much stronger than the numbers would suggest and (like noted above) with a $400 tune your going to be running M5's and CTS-V's off the road. On top of that its more nimble with better steering, which I can personally confirm.

Originally Posted by ssump29 View Post
WAIT A MINTUE so now EVERY driver in the REAL WORLD like you put it are going to go out and get the same results as professional drivers? Why don't you find real world people who drive these cars and let me know what they are getting out of these cars. This the GT500 VS SS debate all over again. I simply give you an encounterment I had and you flat out tell me I'm wrong and it didn't happen. Right because the GT500 ran a 12.8 by one mag and another got a 11.9 so normal everyday drivers of this car are gonna get the best results. Who are you kidding, I'm not claiming to be a pro driver and I'm claiming the guy that was running with me was one either so why is it so hard for you to believe that the average person driving these cars can't beat one another?

Id venture to say that people who OWN the car and are USED to running it are going to be doing a better job than a journalist who gets the car for 3 hours. I dont believe you could have beat him because the BEST numbers for the SS still loose to the WORST numbers for the AMG.

So once again I'm going by MY experience and you want ME to go by what your MAG puts out. Thats like going and test driving a car and doing what you are capable of but ignoring that fact because a pro driver says it can do better. That may be the truth but thats what the select few will be able to do with it not the masses so thats not a true representation of what the car will do in most people hands.

Im not trying to convince you, im trying to prove to the OP that your wrong for the sake of his comparison.

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