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Originally Posted by jayson71 View Post
I think everyone thinks it is a Camaro. I envy you for having both of these sweet cars
My thoughts exactly! I'm not hating on Chally at all! I think it's sweetest thing Dodge has made in long time! I loved the Viper when it 1st come out but they need to change it up some. Same thoughts with GM and the Vette. Time for a little change. Wish G.M. Would take a little of stingray concept in T.F.2 and put it on the roads. That's one reason I love the Camaro's and the Challengers so much because there something new and hot! Both Cars are sick! I also like the fact that both cars are still rare for now. I hope Dodge and G.M. Don't pull a Ford Mustang and absolutly flood the market to were every time you turn around you see a mustang. Sorry Mustang owners Im not big fan. Seems like there are more crappy mustangs on the road than there are of nice ones. These are also my opinions and like they say opinions are like A--holes everybodys got one!!
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