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Originally Posted by Gen5SSRS View Post
I leave my windows open slightly because of the heat(approx. 1"). I came out, got in the car and my drivers window had closed itself. When I started the car, the info center told me to open and close my window. This went on for several days, and the indexing feature stopped working. . Not wanting to experience the joy of hoping my dealership could repair it without desimating my ride, I searched the threads and found one on a different problem, however the thread also explained how to reset the window module. With the key on roll the windowdown all the the way and hold the switch for 3 seconds, then roll up and hold switch for three seconds, repeat once more. I tried it and Tah Dah!!! Problem solved! If you have a similar problem try this. Thanx Camaro5 web site for saving me a trip to the dealer!!!
This just happened to me. I came on this site did a search and found you and I did what you said (once) and "Voila" it worked. Thanks
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