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Just as a little opposing anecdote...I bought a Camaro, and my brother bought a Challenger R/T. In June we met up in OH visiting family. We went on a cruise to the beach, and on the freeway my brother was driving behind me most of the way. He said he saw all kinds of heads turning to look at the Camaro, and his car got pretty much ignored. He seemed a little put off his car was already getting ignored when it used to be the hottest thing around, and he's only had it less than a year.

Personally I think they're both great looking cars.. Challenger seems pure retro while Camaro is more a blend of modern and retro. I think that maybe the 'transformers effect' gives the Camaro a little more celebrity status towards getting it noticed on the road. For the record, both our cars are a dark color (IBM and black), so I doubt that factored in a whole lot...although I admit I have white stripes and he has none, which does make the car kind of jump out at you. In your case though I'm sure the coloring may have had more of an impact...color does make a huge difference in getting your car noticed (both a good thing and a bad thing, since some of the attention is from the man w the radar gun!) I bet I could spot a yellow Camaro from a mile away, whereas I might only notice a CGM Camaro when it's a few hundred feet.
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