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Prototype SLP Wheels, Hoods, RS Emblem, and Rear Spoiler.

As featured on Homepage.

Okay, here are pictures of the ABM RS with SLP’s wheels, hoods, RS emblem, and rear spoiler (in prototype stage) at the Camaro Fall Classic and F-Body Summit 09.

The wheels are the finished product and will have all safety ratings like factory wheels have; should be under $1300. They are direct replacement for the Camaro’s stock wheels.

The hoods you see in the pictures are two possible products. The blue hood is a clay mold and unfinished so give SLP some slack on the finished look. If the blue hood is built, the front vent will be functional as well as a heat extractor. SLP unveiled the hoods then let everyone vote to see witch one will be built. I voted for the IOM hood. The winner will be announced in the near future. A lucky voter is going to win a copy of whichever hood is built.

The RS emblem speaks for itself. Very cool touch for those who want to replace the “Gold Bow Tie”

The Spoiler is also a prototype and unfinished. It is mounted with tape just for the show so the fit is rough. Once again cut SLP some slack. The production version will mount in the same location as the stock SS and RS spoiler. For those who have no spoiler the spoiler can be mounted with tape as well so no drilling for you V6 lovers… Also, the spoiler is made of light weight plastic so no added weight.


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