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Originally Posted by Number_9 View Post
Don't get me wrong - and your car looks great by the way - but Roto-Fab's lack what pretty much every other CAI on the market lacks... a lid, as in an actual airbox that keeps the air coming from a cold spot and not the engine bay... like a CAI should.

The design/function of the ADM Performance CAI is more in line with what a CAI should be.

Link to related thread:

Again, no flame intended here, to each there own... as long as the owner and the car are happy all is good... but, those that haven't spent the money yet should make an educated decision about the CAI they buy.
As for your lack of lid statement, the hood becomes the lid in this installation. If you notice the weatherstripping around the top of the airbox. Mike with Roto-Fab has even mentioned in several places that you'll get a witness mark in the hood pad from where the airbox is sealing to it. I can assure you that the air in my Roto-Fab airbox is significantly cooler than the engine bay air.

The only pro over the RF to me is the MAF being relocated into the airbox. How much is that really going to change if the air entering the filter is already significantly cooler as it passes it? Also, honestly, I don't like the way the air-tube has to make multiple bends.

There are plenty of threads dedicated to each product so let's try and keep them in their respective places.
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