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Originally Posted by KFH View Post
Hey, I had the same thing on my car. The problem is that it was not assembled correct. Jack up the car, remove the wheel, then remove the three screws and one bolt in the wheel well. Pull the bumper away from the wheel well far enough to see the tabs. One or two of the tabs are not seated properly, they need to be bent back forward to line up, and then the bumper just pops right into place. I had to fix both sides, left side had one tab bent, the right had two.
WOW, you were right! I fixed it! Thanks a Million!!! Someone should tell the guys in Oshawa in a few weeks so they can be more careful when they put on the bumpers. I only had to take the top bolt and the upper star-head screw out though, and I didn't even have to jack up the car or remove the tire either.
While I had it apart I took some pictures in hopes that I could help someone else.

These pictures were all taken from above looking straight down at the two tabs that are supposed to go into the two slots but were kindof behind them instead forcing the side of the bumper outboard. The top one looks like it got a little nicked by being in the wrong position.

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