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Originally Posted by OrangeChevyII View Post
So I've been racking my brain looking over the net trying to find some fast Camaro's.

I see people gloating about all the power they make and what they've dyno'ed to the ground. Turbo cars single and double, ProCharged car's and cam only cars and all in between.
It's great people are making all this power but what good does it do if you dont take it to a track and race it. I didnt pay 40,000 to look at it and watch it collect dust.
Drive it like you stole it, what ever happened to this motto?

C'mon people, take it out to the track and see what its made of. Its only going to get faster if you drive the piss out of it.

I just wanted to rant, carry on.

I always look forward to your posts, as I know you are running your car hard and it is nice to see the times you are putting up. I have only been to the strip once this year but I will be going back this coming weekend to see if I can get into the 11's on the stock rims and tires. I will then figure out what I want to do with the wheels and tires. I was thinking maybe some 20" drag radials but then maybe 18" rims & drags. Not sure yet. I love to drive it hard and can't wait to get back to the track. My goal is to get into the low 11's on DR.
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