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Originally Posted by Dan View Post
Sorry but I am unconvinced that an L99 even exists. I find some of the leaked info hard to believe and relying on Car and Driver or Motor Trend for any kind of accurate info is just inviting disappointment.
I am completely with you. The automotive media tends to make ridiculous assumptions and edit photos as if they shot new ones. Sometimes they admit to the photos, but they always stand by their anonymous sources. I bet if I gave a bunch of mythical Camaro specs to some writer at Car and Driver, they'd publish my nonsense as fact.

This case is different. New photos have been released, along with information consistent with previous fact and speculation. I'm beginning to think that the L99 may have been a typo or mistake, but it is still important to investigate this as though it is fact. Remember that GM modified the LLT for DI and maintained the name, so it is possible that GM could modify this motor. While I'm beginning to agree that this is highly unlikely, I feel that it is important to investigate any information from today's mammoth leak as if it is fact until GM brings out additional info.
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