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Originally Posted by TC View Post
Cam,CAI,Kook Headers,Stage 3 Heads(not worth the money till a better intake is available)

Nitto DR - only option for the stock wheels at this point. Being that I am not very experienced at the track I can't really comment on how good they are. I paid $570.00 installed. I'll repeat what has been posted many times on here and told to me by many people- you really need to heat them up to get them to hook up.
Bro you need to get those 60s down. Was your 12.5 with the 2.01 60'?

A CAI and a tune alone should have you where you are now. I would get a second opinion on your tune or get someone that can launch to run it at the track for you. Your times should be hella faster.

How much power was it making on the dyno?
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