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Originally Posted by The_Blur View Post
It could not be more of a sports car. It races, and it beats other sports cars. What else would you call it? Muscle cars and pony cars are both categories of competitive sports cars.
Originally Posted by CamaroFemme View Post
I've always heard it called a sports car, but then I looked up for myself the definition of a sports car, muscle car, and pony car. I consider it a muscle car and a pony car, but I think most of the world considers those terms to be a sub-genre of the phrase "sports car..."

This is a sports car. Just like only a few others. Muscle is HP. That's WHY they were considered 'Muscle Cars' But like Blur said, it races and beats other sports cars.

It's a sports car. Personaly, I call it a muscle car to pay homage to the reason we have it.
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