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Originally Posted by ckaram View Post
Mechanic at the dealer played with the heatshield on mine as well. Appeared to not help since the noise was present after I left the dealership.

However, next day and one full week after this--no more clicking. I gotta think this was my issue as well.

I may have this issue.
Today I started my car and put it in Reverse. Before I even started backing up I heard a weird noise (a rattle/transmission type noise that worried me). I backed up and put the car in D then back to R and no noise? When I got home I parked in the driveway and put it back in R and no noise.

But I have a feeling after my car sits for a long time and I start it and put in in R, I'm going to get a rattle type noise. It could definately be a heat shield.
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