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Originally Posted by mtcwby View Post
Just to clarify things, The cv boot doesn't come loose first.
The joint fails first, causing the pieces to fly apart, which blows the boot off, resulting in grease all over the place. If the boot came off first it would take quite a while before the joint failed, usually in this scenario you would hear the joint making all kinds of noise as the grease washes away from the joint. Which would take quite a few days of driving.
Thanks mtcwby....I think. It is good to know the correct pathophysiology to be preventative at best.

Originally Posted by IPS Brandon View Post
Honestly if the axles break over and over, warranty is not really a concern, its just frustration at that point, and I agree with you about the 90 day warranty.

These axles are very similar in design to others we have used, they will hold up as good as anything available currently.

Originally Posted by IPS Brandon View Post
The camaro diff itself we haven't had trouble yet, and we are racing weekly a 630 wheel prochargerd car like your build. We have however snaps the bolts that hold the rubber carrier to the rear diff and driveshaft. We are working on some sort of option here, but nothing yet, and honestly we not sure just yet if this is going to be a common problem like the axles yet.


It is the frustration that we wish we all can avoid. I can't wait to hear about my inquiry. Glad you guys are on the front end of this and already working the bugs.
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