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Originally Posted by 01pewterz28 View Post
Sorry to here about the bad luck I sent you a PM since you are in Florida call "Stingray Chevrolet" ask for Steve Miller. They are selling at MSRP, they will accept GM card points, your deposit if 100% fully refundable even if you decided not to buy when it arrives for any reason, plus they have a $99 dealer fee. They seem to get Camaros in weekly and they last 1-2 days max. Have Steve order you one to your specs.

Good luck
Stingray is driving me nuts, I put a deposit down there last week of July & have asked several times to find out where I am in line & all they will say is I am on schedule. Which they said would be 120 days or maybe a little sooner. I ordered a 2lt so I should not be caught up in the V-8 constraint. if it takes 6 to 8 weeks once you move off of 1100, they are running out of time to keep their promise. As of yesterday I was still at 1100. So we will see, we will see. It would be nice though to get a straight up answer. I'm giving them till Oct.15th to get me to 2000 or I am giving up. if that happens I will never ever buy a GM product again, done Final....
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