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Originally Posted by octane_n_veins View Post
Can it be? No Z28 trim level? Isn’t that what I’d been sayin for the last week or so… MMMM, yeah I think so. But Scott said… Well I know that I DON’T have egg on my face.
Either way the Camaro is just around the corner and near our beloved driveways.
No Z28 = no camaro for me.

Just like others i'm a little disapointed ... maybe thinking about a GT500 ...

Even if there is a Z28 ... when? I won't be waiting 2 more years to have this car ... All the process is soooo long. The camaro should have been out 1 year ago, then we would have the Z28 by the end of the year ...

Mustang was first and got the money ... maybe it's too late now ...
I'm kindly asking: "May I have a supercharged Z28 with 550 hp please? By the end of 2009 would be awesome. Thanks"
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